Earth Day is celebrated each year on 22 April, marking the anniversary of the environmental movement in 1970. Thus, the annual Earth Day Essay Competition, which is organized by MUNNISA and MITMUNC, gives students from across Kazakhstan the opportunity to voice their opinions and solutions on pressing environmental issues currently impacting Kazakhstan, as well as other nations. Furthermore, it gives participants the chance to express their control of the English language through research and academic writing. Prizes are awarded to the top 4 participants.

UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) conducts an annual challenge, where Model UN delegates will be given an opportunity to debate the major issues regarding forced displacement. The winning ideas are shared with policymakers during the High Commissioner’s Dialogue on Protection every year and promoted on UNHCR’s social media channels. The main goal of such a challenge is to engage young people to be involved in finding ways to help refugees thrive. Any MUN held online or offline can participate in the challenge. MUN organizers are responsible for registering for the challenge. A single student cannot directly register to the Challenge, but can encourage the MUN organization to take part