MUNNISA – Model United Nations of Nazarbayev Intellectual school in Aktau – was founded in 2018. Our first conference was small with only a few local participants. We drew
inspiration from our participation in ILYMUN in 2020, and began to develop a reputable conference which caters to both Kazakhstani and international students. Our annual international conference is held on March 23-25 on our school campus in Aktau, Kazakhstan.



We aim to provide a platform where current global issues are discussed and debated and where all participants are given a forum to obtain and develop their skills in diplomacy, negotiation, critical thinking, public speaking, and research analysis. Additionally, students will develop conflict sensitive practice, cross-cultural understanding and global issue awareness through simulation and international cooperation.


MUNNISA has progressed since our inception in 2018, and we continually aim to find new ways to improve the quality of the conference experience for all participants. Our executive team chooses a different theme, committees, and topics each year to add diversity and uniqueness to the MUNNISA experience. Additionally, we try to provide all committees with a credible guest speaker who is both knowledgeable and experienced in the topics being debated, either from one of the branches of the United Nations in Kazakhstan or another international organization.

Global Citizenship

We hope that MUNNISA is the beginning (or the continuation) of your journey to global citizenship. We strongly encourage our participants to take the MUNNISA experience and their resolution ideas and turn them into action. We hope that our students will take the knowledge and ideas gained at our conference and apply them to real situations in their community. Furthermore, we want our students to be leaders in their community and school not only by their words but through their actions, as we work together to make the world more sustainable for future generations.

By Students, For Students

Even though we do have an advisor who supervises our agenda and the organization of MUNNISA, every aspect of our conference — the vision, planning and execution — is done by high school students who are doing their best to provide all delegates and their MUN directors with the best possible MUN experience and a professional conference.


Food Security: Recipe for a Brighter Future


Globalization: A World Without Borders

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