Ethical Issues With Space Privatization

Written by Aisulu Imanmadi Scientific inquisitiveness, inventions, environmental investigation, resource exploitation, space tourism, and geostrategic considerations all promote space exploration. Thus, it is not surprising that the space exploration industry has progressively been shifted to private companies since the 1990s (Toor, 2022). While proponents contend […]

Is Food Security a Choice?

Written by Bekbayeva Yrysty Food security is an individual’s ability to have access to enough nutritious food. The United Nations Committee on World Food Security stated that “food security also meets an individual’s food preferences and dietary needs for active and healthy lifestyles”. Food insecurity […]

Food Security in Schools

Written by Shamil Aisaule A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and environments for students. One of the basic requirements for the school is to respond to the individual needs of students and families with support strategies and model effective practices […]

Earth Day: a call to preserve the planet

Written by Clara Larsen, Amina Shaidullina and Caroline Tintinger The History of Earth Day While researchers have identified the beginnings of global warming to the mid 1800s, in large part due to the industrial revolution, the need for environmental protection didn’t hold much significance for […]